Nov 1, 2004

Miss Phuket

miss phuket

Not sure what year ...

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Snake eat kangaroo

Snake eat kangaroo 1
Snake eat kangaroo 2
Snake eat kangaroo 3

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How The Japanese Test Zoo Security

 How The Japanese Test Zoo SecurityZookeepers tracked the "lion" through the park Monday as zoo goers watched.
Zoo staff set up makeshift fences to contain the wild beast. If it was not a drill, the animal would be shot with a tranquilizer and quickly moved back to its cage habitat.
The annual costumed rehearsal is a favorite spectacle for zoo goers. Last year, the zoo practiced capturing a man dressed as an escaped polar bear.
All of the drills have been successful, zoo officials.
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Sex movie mix-up shocks couple

Doris Day
The couple were hoping to watch Doris Day in The Pajama Game
A devout Baptist couple who bought a Doris Day DVD from a supermarket were shocked to find a sex film instead.

We watched it until the end because we couldn't believe what we were seeing

Alan and Anne Leigh-Browne, from Wellington, Somerset, had been expecting to enjoy The Pajama Game.

Instead they were confronted by Italian sex film - Tettone che Passione, which translates Breasts, What a Passion.

"Some topless young women appeared and started talking in Italian... it's not what you expect from a Doris Day film," Mr Leigh-Browne said.

Retired doctor Mr Leigh-Brown, 67, said he picked up the film, which was sealed in plastic wrapping, for £2.99 from the bargain bin of a Safeway supermarket in Taunton.

No 'plot'

The couple, regular attendees at their local Baptist church, settled down with a cup of tea to watch the 1957 musical which has a U (universal) certificate.

"It was a pretty raunchy, explicit film, it certainly pulled no punches," Mr Leigh-Browne said.

"My wife and I were very shocked but we watched it until the end because we couldn't believe what we were seeing.

"The film became progressively more graphic, there was no plot to it, it was just sex."

Alan and his wife Anne, 60, a retired teacher, complained to Safeway the next day and all copies of The Pajama Game were removed from the store.

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Birmingham Rhapsody

Queen's legendary song Bohemian Rhapsody with misheard lyrics.

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Penguins made to walk through airport metal detector

Two traveling penguins from Seaworld in San Antonio went through regular airport screening at Denver International Airport recently. Here, Pat and Penny are removed from their carry-on case so they can walk through the metal detector. (Pat is the good looking one)

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The Twelve Principles

Designed to lead you directly to any lost object.

The Twelve Principles are:
1. Don’t Look for It
2. It’s Not Lost—You Are
3. Remember the Three C’s
4. It’s Where It’s Supposed to Be
5. Domestic Drift
6. You’re Looking Right at It
7. The Camouflage Effect
8. Think Back
9. Look Once, Look Well
10. The Eureka Zone
11. Tail Thyself
12. It Wasn’t You

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Jailed Briton 'given banned painkiller'

A British woman who has spent nearly eight weeks in a Dubai jail for having a banned painkiller in her system was given it by a United Arab Emirates police doctor, said campaign group Fair Trials Abroad.
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Things not to do (on a Unicycle)

This light hearted theme originated in the UNICYCLING QUARTERLY magazine put out by the International Unicycling Federation in the 1980s and later appeared in On One Wheel from the Unicycling Society of America. It features humorous photos of things that are not advisable to do on, with or near unicycles.

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How The Widget Works

It's easy when you know how

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Sep 2, 2004

2 Year Wait For Dead Surgeon

A woman spent two years on an NHS surgeon's waiting list - unaware he was dead.

Janet Warnes, due to be fitted with a hearing aid, first saw him in 2002.

She had to wait until last month for her second appointment - and arrived at the hospital to learn the consultant, a Mr Fraser, died in 2002.

Retired VDU operator Janet, 68, of Leeds, said: "I was starting to think I might be dead before I finally saw a doctor, but I never expected him to be."

She may now go private after being told it could take two more years to see another specialist at Leeds General Infirmary.

The hospital blamed a computer error for sending her an appointment letter. A spokesman said: "We are extremely sorry for any embarrassment or distress."

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Sep 1, 2004

It's Curved Yellow Fruit Man

Click on the thumbnail for a bigger picture.
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Save Toby

Toby is the cutest little bunny on the planet. Unfortunately, he will DIE on November 6th, 2006 if you don.t help. I rescued him several months ago. I found him under my porch, soaking wet, injured from what appeared to be an attack from an alley cat. I took him in, thinking he had no chance to live from his injuries, but miraculously, he recovered. I have since spent several months nursing him to health. Toby is a fighter, that.s for sure.

Unfortunately, on November 6th, 2006, Toby will die. I am going to eat him. I am going to take Toby to a butcher to have him slaughter this cute bunny. I will then prepare Toby for a midsummer feast. I have several recipes under consideration, which can be seen, with some pretty graphic images, under the recipe section.

I don’t want to eat Toby, he is my friend, and he has always been the most loving, adorable pet. However, God as my witness, I will devour this little guy unless I sell 100,00 copies of my book, Save Toby: Only you have the power to save toby. You can help this poor, helpless bunny’s cause by purchasing the book online at by clicking HERE, or by purchasing merchandise at the online store.

Here is the current status of donations for Toby, as of June 30th, 2005. Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

To see why the site has been changed recently, please check the updates section

Only you have the power to save Toby.

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Barecode Yourself

Barecode YourselfBarecode Yourself

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Jesus in Narnia… and today’s GOP


I shall call him, Rambesus.

I thought Horsey captured the Republican Jesus perfectly, even better than the General, so I wanted to post it for posterity.

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Japanese Handicapped Pro-Wrestling

Japanese Handicapped Pro-Wrestling
I'm not making fun of this.

This time I tntroduce you to the handicapped pro-wrestling, Dog legs. the name of this show was name after the handicapped people's leg that is similar to, This wrestling is fought mainly by handicapped people. But there are no fightiging that non handicapped people fight each other. Dog legs is purely for the handicapped fighter who want to beat up not only same handicapped people but also non handicapped mother fucker.

this match is based on the class that is allocated by the degree of their handicapped. "heavy class" handicapped fighter can fight by standing. "super heavy class" handicapped fighter can fight by knee standing. "miracle class" handicapped fighter is miraculous handicapped who is just miracle to come ring. match is based on this class.

It's just so wrong.

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Mommy - have you seen my Bunny?


The things one finds wandering in a landscape: familiar things and utterly unknown, like a flower one has never seen before, or, as Columbus discovered, an inexplicable continent;

and then, behind a hill, as if knitted by giant grandmothers, lies this vast rabbit, to make you feel as small as a daisy.
The toilet-paper-pink creature lies on its back: a rabbit-mountain like Gulliver in Lilliput.
More to "Mommy - have you seen my Bunny?"

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Cemetery to offer stand-up burial

The cemetery offers an alternative to traditional burial methods
A cemetery in Australia will soon be offering people the chance to be buried feet first.

A company in Victoria state has been given permission to open a vertical cemetery, where bodies are buried standing up and without coffins.
It is an environmentally-friendly and cheaper option, says Tony Dupleix, director of the firm Palacom.
Once stable, the site - in Derrinallum, 180 km (110 miles) from Melbourne - would be turned into grazing land.
"When you die, you are returned to the earth with a minimum of fuss and with no paraphernalia that would affect the environment," said Mr Dupleix.
"You are not burning 90kg of gas in a crematorium and there's no ongoing maintenance costs."
The vertical cemetery - believed to be the first in Australia - has been approved by Victoria's state planning officials.

'Beautiful land'

The bodies will be transported from the mortuary in Melbourne in batches of up to 15 to reduce costs, said Mr Dupleix.
Each body will be encased in a body bag and buried in an individual three-metre deep (10 ft) hole.
Burials will cost around A$1,000 (US$780).
Anne Jamieson, of the Darlington Cemetery Trust, which will manage the cemetery, said it would prove an attractive option for some.
"If you are interested in the environment, it's beautiful land on the Western District plains facing Mount Elephant," she said.
"Some people will think it's great but other people might prefer a traditional burial."

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Holy Smoke

 Holy Smoke

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Making a Connection With the Dead

Many in the grips of grief will find it hard to face a visit to the grave of a loved one, while some may be unable to make the journey. Now, help is at hand thanks to the slightly macabre "Phone Angel".

Making a Connection With the Dead

A German inventor has come up with a novel way for relatives coping with the grief of losing a loved one to convey their feelings to the departed. The "Phone Angel," a long-life battery powered cell phone device, allows those in mourning to have contact with the deceased when personal pain, distance or disability prevents them from attending the final resting place.

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Jul 1, 2004

Tourists bask in blue glow of firefly squid

Toyama Bay is the habitat of the world-famous glowing firefly squid, which surface in large numbers every spring in a phenomenon that has been designated a special natural monument. Peak firefly squid season means big catches for fishermen and brisk business for sightseeing boats that provide close-up views of the magical action.

Firefly squid catch

Early in the morning, after 3 AM, sightseeing boats depart the Namerikawa fishing port (Namerikawa is also home to the world’s only museum dedicated to the firefly squid) in Toyama prefecture, making a short journey to fixed nets located about 1 to 2 km offshore. As the fishermen haul in their nets, the light emitted by the firefly squid causes the sea surface to glow a cobalt blue, evoking squeals of delight from the tourists.

Firefly squid

Toyama Bay’s firefly squid fishing season opened on March 1 and is expected to continue until the end of June. Sightseeing boats are scheduled to run until May 7.

Tourists bask in blue glow of firefly squid

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Transparent winged butterflies

Transparent winged butterflies similar species:

Greta oto , Oleria paula , Ithomia patilla , Pteronymia cotytto

It comes from central America and is found from Mexico to Panama. It is quite common in its zone, but it not easy to find because of its transparent wings, which is a natural camouflage mechanism.

Family: Nymphalidae
Genus: Ithomiinae
Common name: The Glasswing

© Martina Koloska
Transparent winged butterfly
Greta Oto - The GlasswingCollection of transparent butterflies
Related link :
Wikipedia - Glasswing Butterfly

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You Tell Me

 You Tell Me

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Eco Friendly Dishwasher

 Eco Friendly Dishwasher

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I hope he doesn't lose the keys


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Every Little Helps

 Every Little Helps
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Don't do drugs / Don't shoplift

don't do drugs.don't shoplift

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Worlds Greatest Driving Road

 Worlds Greatest Driving Road
 Worlds Greatest Driving Road
 Worlds Greatest Driving Road

The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the greatest driving road in the world. Stretching for 7.3 miles and climbing nearly 4,000 feet, it boasts 60 corners and a surface so smooth that it would flatter a racetrack. It could easily be described as the eighth wonder of the world, but almost nothing is known about its creation.

The road is cut into the Jebel Hafeet mountain, the highest peak in the United Arab Emirates, the oil-rich Persian Gulf state. The mountain spans the border with Oman and lies about 90 minutes' drive southeast of the thriving city of Dubai. It looks down upon a dusty, desert landscape that belies a nation of astonishing wealth.

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Cat And Orangutan Play, Cuddle And Sleep Together

Tondalayo, a 45-year-old Sumatran orangutan, and T-J, a stray tabby cat, became an inseparable duo after a zoo employee introduced them late last year.

Cat And Orangutan

Zookeepers at the Education Director at Zoo World in Panama City Beach say Tondalayo was depressed since losing her mate two years ago.

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Do Animals Talk In Different Languages?

Animals make much the same sounds around the world, but each language expresses them differently. English and French cows sound the same, but not in English and French! Explore the sounds of the world's languages through the sounds of the world's animals.

Explore the sounds of the world's languages through the sounds of the world's animals.

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May 1, 2004

Give Us Beer Money

Beer Money
They're Australian.

Beer gives you superpowers! We had a mate who said if you drink 30 beers you can make the house spin around just by thinking about it twice! We didn't believe him but when we tried it the house did spin around! Jezza said he went outside and made the whole world spin and we believed him because we said "fair go?" and he said "fair dinkum!". Also we were feeling dizzy so it must have been true.

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A Day On The Beer

One guy's attempt to replace water with beer for his birthday.

In conclusion..

Man cannot live on beer alone, it may clean his teeth and make his coffee but it fucks up vitamin drinks and pot noodles royally. You may feel you can live without those things, i don't know. If you can, good luck to you but I don't know how you can call that a life...

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Beer Butt Chicken

Beer Butt Chicken
This chicken is the juiciest, most mouthwatering bird you'll ever try. I also like the aspect of theater when you cook it, because it looks so damned weird on the grill, people will wonder what brand of crack you switched to.

1 whole chicken
1 tall can o' beer (16 oz. tallboy)
olive oil
4 cloves garlic crushed
salt and black pepper

your favorite beer (for marinating the chef!)

seasoning for chicken (or use a seasoning blend or your own favorites):

4 cloves garlic, crushed
fresh basil
a pinch of cayenne
salt and pepper

Start with a hot grill (coals all white and ready to cook). Drink about 1/4 of that can of beer. Set it aside 3/4 full and have a couple of full ones, real beer this time—no sissy canned stuff.

Get the chicken ready for cookin'. Trim some of the fat, get rid of the giblets (here kitty kitty!). Rub liberally with your favorite meat rub. I prefer olive oil, basil, lots of fresh pressed garlic, salt, and a pinch of cayenne. Some folks like Zartarain's or some such store bought concoction, but whatever.

Get a can opener or some such tool and open up the top of the can and drop in the crushed garlic.

Oil up the can and lower that chicken over top of it. The beer can goes into the chicken's body cavity and allows the bird to stand upright.

Cover your grill and cook the chicken until its wings are loose and the skin turns clear. This is terrific with our garlic and potatoes or roasted corn.

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Real Stupid

Real Stupid 1Real Stupid 2Real Stupid 4Real Stupid 3

Some things are funny, but this one...just hurts. See the video.

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We All Have Goals In Life

Meet Gum Wrapper Man.
48,077 FEET

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Butt Art

I don't think he uses a paintbrush. Butt Art

Comments from his blog:

Hey Dickhead!
Your art work is pathetic. I find it insulting that any idiot can
become a superstar by just showing their face on TV. I've spent
decades working in a medium that you simply smear on your ass. I
work two jobs. And your homoerotic crap sells before you've even
rinsed? How dare you call yourself an artist. If there's a trend at
all today, it is toward promoting any no talent hack void of a soul
and labeling them ARTIST.

I can't believe you're being chatted-up as a genius all over the
web. All you do is paint the same flower over and over in different
colored paint on different colored pieces of paper. Why are people
giving you money, credit,respect, etc. for this? I paint circles
around your ass. What do I get? Nothing.

I doubt you're as serious an ass painter as you let on. I'm
tired of gimmick being passed off as art. I do find it funny that
you use your genitalia for the pistol and stamen. Your work is
better than those menstrual painting atrocities and you've gotten
more publicity than I ever have. I just find it frustrating that
"Ass" "Penis" "Fecal Matter" etc... sells.

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Rave Dances Explained

Rave Dances Explained

So how do you dance when you're giving it large on a Saturday night?

What those peculiar moves are called.

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No Smoke Without Fire

 No Smoke Without Fire
Click on the thumbnail for a bigger picture.

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50 Years Of The World Press Photo of the Year

World Press Photo began with a competition, and the competition is still at the core of the foundation's activities. Held annually, the World Press Photo contest creates an overview of how press photographers tackle their work worldwide. It is the only international event of this stature, not simply bringing together pictures from all parts of the globe but also reflecting trends and developments in photojournalism, and revealing how the press gives us the news.

World Press Photo of the Year.

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Hokkaido installs musical roads

Japan has already dabbled here and there with road surfaces that keep drivers awake by using appropriately-placed troughs to play rhythms through your tires.

Now the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute has gone a step further, with grooved sections of road that boom a melody up through your car. The grooves are a few millimetres deep and 6-12 mm wide; unsurprisingly, the closer they're grouped together the higher the pitch of the note produced.

musical roads

They're planning to use different melodies for different areas, picking songs that have some association to the locale.

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