May 12, 2006

Penguin Named Colonel In Norwegian Army

Nils Olav.

 Penguin Named Colonel In Norwegian Army

You can watch the video.

Deer on Power Pole

These pictures were taken in the Northeast section of the United States in an extremely rural area. As shown, there is a whitetail doe stuck on top of a power pole. She had apparently been up there for a moderate amount of time. I've heard broad speculation regarding the explanation for this, but no one is certain. If you notice the back hooves are clipped (almost uniformly).

There is a train track several yards away and there is a possibility that the deer was struck and tossed into the air, thus landing on the pole. However, the deer would have to have traveled in the air approximately 45 feet (across) to the pole and reach a height of approximately 22 feet (up) to reach the top of the pole. These pictures are somewhat reminiscent of the "Deer in the Tree" story that you guys recently highlighted in the Hot Stories section of the website.
(Linda Moulton Howe's report)

Sugar Plum Fairies

 Sugar Plum Fairies

Cow jailed in Colombia

A cow has been put in prison after it was blamed for a road accident in Colombia.
The cow was wandering along a road in Giron when was hit by a woman on a motorcycle.
The woman was not badly hurt but police decided the cow was a danger and 'arrested' it.
Officers were unable to find out who owns the cow and are keeping it in the town's prison.
A police spokesman said: "If it was a person who caused the accident, he or she would be behind bars, so why not a cow?"

Bullshit Protectors

I imagine these work for all politicians.

Concrete Corn Field

In Dublin at the intersection of Rings and Frantz Roads.

Pimped Out Megaphone Helmet

how you can very simply modify a megaphone to accept 1/8" line input from an iPod, and mount the megaphone on top of a motorcycle helmet. The resulting "Mega Helmet" delivers the maximal aural stupidity allowed by law.

Invisible Donkey Removal Services

One of the biggest issues apartment dwellers have to face today, is Invisible Donkey infestation. These creatures are the number one cause of high phone, gas bills, and sexual dysfunction.

This is not a joke- they can be at your apartment within 24 hours!

Speaking of dead bunnies...

Pilot flew wingless plane

A wing and a prayer ... pilot flew for two hours
A PILOT flew this plane for TWO HOURS before realising nearly half of a wing had been ripped away just after take-off.

Amazingly, he managed to land safely, despite the 5ft 7in chunk and a fuel tank being missing.

The flyer told investigators he thought the five-seater Cessna 210 had been “hit by a little bird”. But it was believed that he probably clipped treetops after leaving the runway.