Nov 21, 2006

Beer Cans Art

Sculptures made from Beer Cans.

Flying alarm clock

Waking up in the moment is the biggest problem of everybody. It is very difficult for me to wake up in the morning and go to work. Waking up early is the most evil thing that can happen to me.

As a result of all that people do not wake up and they buy a lot of different gadget to help them wake up. However not all of them are effective and here is one that is the best I think.

This is the flying alarm clock. First it functions just like a regular one. It starts buzzing for some time. You can turn it off when you wake up. However there is not much time to do that.

The second phase it does a really cool thing that will surely wake you up. There is a detachable thing on its top that can fly like a helicopter. What it does is that it detaches from the base and starts flying around. While flying around it makes those buzzing noises and frustrates the owner.

Ford "Tractor"

Hmmm ... I'm wondering what is the use of this car ? This are new triughiular wheels for snow of what ? I don't understand, but my blog is about "Things you don't see every day", and this car is really wired.This car was transformed in a tractor, and a very slow one.

Pimp Your Bike with Wheel Leds

Since Xzibit started his show on MTV - Pimp My Ride a new phenomenon started on streets.This PIMPING you car phenomenon started and growed bigger an bigger with every Xzibit Show.Now I see that bikers catched this new trend and why not try to pimp your bike ?

An incredible 14 bright LEDs create amazing light patterns on your bicycle wheels. This waterproof light bar attaches to the spokes of your bicycle, and cycles through 36 incredible design patterns, 5 word patterns, and riding time while the wheels are in motion! When the speed is slow, the LEDs will blink and show only a pattern of lines. When the speed increases, the LEDs cycle continuously through the various patterns in the following display sequence: WORDS -- PATTERNS -- TIME OF RIDING -- PATTERNS -- NUMBER OF ROUNDS. Patterns change every 3 seconds! The light bar will turn off automatically in approximately 3 minutes after the wheel has stopped moving. Just press the gray button on the light bar to turn on again. The light bar can be installed on either the front or back wheel of the bike. (Light bars are sold individually- buy 2 if you want one on each wheel or if you want to have the display visible from both sides.) Word patterns are adjustable so the display will not read in reverse no matter which side you install the light bar on. The light bar is approx. 7" length. Uses 3 replaceable AAA batteries. Installs easily on your bike wheel with a screwdriver.

You can buy from : 1 or 2

How to 100% wake up someone immediately

Do you have problems waking up your children's, husband, roommate ? If the answer is YES , I can tell you that those days are over, because The Sonic Grenade guarantee you that the lazy person will be up immediately.Now maybe you are asking how this mighty grenade works.Simply pull the pin on this amusingly heartless device, lob it into the sleeper's room, yell 'fire in the hole! and run for cover.

There is a 20 second delay before it emits an ear piercing siren. The only way it can be switched off is squeezing the handle and inserting the pin. Before you know it they will be out of bed with the grenade in their hand to find you, 'the pin holder'! I can say that this is better than anything.You can see it live in action

Self Defense Coat for Women

Self Defense Coat for Women

I think that the perfect self defense street weapon was just invented.Yes is true, now womens can be safe anytime with this new "weapon".At a first glance looks like an ordinary fashionable women's coat.But inside is an amazing power.The wearer can activate a switch in either palm that blasts an 80,000-volt electrical pulse through the jacket's material.Other self defense weapons as sprays, can be grabbed from a woman and used against her, but with this jacket you untouchable.Anyone touching the jacket gets the unknowing shock of their life while you remain nice and cozy in the self-defending cover.This coat is made by No-Contact - Clothing for women.

"It's kind of like sticking your finger in a wall socket" said Adam Whiton, one of its designers."It hurts. If someone tries to grab you from behind, they get the full, hefty shock out of it. That's really painful."

Jumbo Hotdog

Jumbo hotdog

Google Christmas card.


What do you have to do to get on Google’s Christmas card mailing list? Shawn Hogan describes the gift he received, a digital photo frame. I feel a little jealous, although I much appreciate the t-shirt I got from my boss.

Chao & Eero’s Sign Rings.

Chao-hsien Kuo and Eero Hintsanen made some awesome rings that look like question mark, exclamation sign, and so on … There’s even a smiley

Airsoft gun with laser for big boys

Everything is better with laser

I am back at my computer and yes the first post after couple of days without blogging feels like a shot of heroin in your tongue. Believe me .. I know what I am talking about ;) Get ready for some exciting news - ---- Now back to that awesome looking toy for big boys - it's the Porsche of the airsoft guns:

his full-size battery powered submachine gun toy is one of the most full featured airsoft guns around... perfect for reliving your juvenile obsession with anything that shoots. Firing soft plastic 6mm airsoft pellets this gun sports a wealth of goodies including a real laser sight, electric crosshair gun sight, and a blue illuminator flashlight. You even get eye-protection goggles, rechargeable batteries and an AC wall adapter for charging.

Product Features

  • Fully Automatic Battery Powered Airsoft Gun Shoots 240 Rounds Per Minute
  • Spring Action Mechanism Shoots 6mm Plastic Pellets up to 150 FT
  • Aim with included laser sight or electronic crosshair gun sight
  • Configure with extended barrel or short UZI style barrel

Included Items

  • Airsoft Gun
  • 300 Rounds of 6mm Airsoft Ammo
  • Extended Barrel
  • Laser Sight
  • Electric Blue Flashlight Illuminator
  • Electric Crosshair Gunsight
  • Unloader Stick
  • Eye Protection Goggles
  • 4 AA Rechargeable Batteries
  • 110 V AC Wall adapter for charging