Dec 4, 2006

Fashion Forward Mule Deer.


He made it out of an old volleyball net. Fetching, don’t you think? Via Bits & Pieces

Take your computer preferences and applications with you with MojoPac

This is an awesome gadget that will help people who travel a lot and just for those who use different computers to chat with friends online or just listen to the music. It will also be useful for those who are concerned about the safety of their information. Now I will tell you everything bit by bit.

Taking your applications and your preferences from your computer is not that easy because you have to install them on the other computer and do the whole thing manually. Well, now you have the MojoPac and it can do that in a second.

All you need to make it work is any portable drive like hard drive, USB flash drive you can even use your iPod to do that.

It is not really a gadget because it is a software program but you can call it that because it turns your portable drive into your computer that has all the applications and preferences stored on it. You can take your AIM, MSN, Photoshop, iTunes anything your like and make it work on any other computer exactly the same way it did on your own computer.

Wrist computer

At first there was a man… He needed to calculate something really fast and he has invented a computer to do that for him. It was like 20-25 years ago when the first computer has been created. So now it is one of the biggest industries in the world. We have computers everywhere and we use them all the time.

How about a gadget computer that would fit on your wrist? It is a pretty cool idea to place something like a computer on your wrist.

The thing is that it is not a cell phone, it is not a watch. It is strictly a computer that has very many different features. Actually it can do the same things as a usual computer can so just strap it on and do whatever you wish to it.

It is not as powerful as modern computers but it will still allow you to do stuff that you need when you are on the go. It is a computer, yet it is very portable.


SweatshirtOne day my housework-challenged husband decided to wash his sweatshirt. Seconds after he stepped into the laundry room, he shouted to me, "What setting do I use on the washing machine?" "It depends," I replied. "What does it say on your shirt?"

He yelled back, "University of Oklahoma."


A Civil War by Any Other Name …

What’s the definition of a civil war? According this article in the New York Times, the "scholarly" definition of a civil war has 2 main criteria:

The first says that the warring groups must be from the same country and fighting for control of the political center, control over a separatist state or to force a major change in policy. The second says that at least 1,000 people must have been killed in total, with at least 100 from each side.

C – Pen for busy people

Being very busy I have to read the documents and the contracts on the road and sometimes I have to memorize some stuff for myself. It is very hard to highlight it because the car is moving and it is difficult to write it down. The gadget that helped me with that was the C-Pen that I bought recently.

Its main function is to capture some printed text and memorize it. It is very easy if you like reading books and writing out some smart expressions and sayings. That is what I do except I do it with my contracts and documents.

All you need to do to make it works is just push the activation button on its side and then move the pen over the text you want to scan. It works just like a high lighter so it will be easy for you to find the text that you need. The text is stored into the pen's memory and it will be safe there.

Record For The Longest Motorcycle

After I've presented you last week Skeletron Bike, today I have something from the same category.An unusual long bike exactly 31' 4'' = 9.6 m.I don't even think that this bike could be ridden, just look at this pictures.This motorcycle was made by Oleg Rogov from Tver ( Russia ) on 19 December 2005, and he own the record for the longest motorcycle.

As seen on Google Maps

Googleairplane Googlebug


Coffee cup with a special lock

When you work at an office you drink a lot of coffee during the breaks and not only. It is not very convenient to drink coffee from a plastic cup or something like that. What I did I brought a cup into the office so that I can use it to drink my favorite drink.

I was very frustrated when I saw my colleague use it and I have bought this wonderful gadget. This is a cup with real lock.

Well it is not actually a lock but it will surely stop anybody from taking your cup. That way you will be able to leave your cup wherever you want and nobody will take it.

It is not a lock and it is not something like a chain that locks it to a wall or something. The technology is much simpler. This cup gadget has a hole and you will not be able to drink from this cup without a special key.

You will not be able to drink from it because all the liquid will spill out if you try to fill it. (Logical) So the key just closes the hole and your coffee will stay in the cup and only your will be able to use it.

World’s Oldest Computer

Antikythera mechanism
The Antikythera mechanism was made in the first years of the first century b.C. by the Romans.


For years, it was taken as an astronomical showpiece, a navigational instrument and a puzzle concerning astronomical and mathematical knowledge. However, now it is regarded as the ever first analogue computer. This instrument shows the sophistication and exuberance of the ancient.


X-cuse Box

What is it? It is a savior for people who are too polite to end a conversation that they do not really want to continue. It will help you stop any conversation in a second.

This gadget is created for that part of people who don’t like to be cruel and do not want to offend their relatives. My sister Helen is always calling me every week and she would talk to me for hours and sometimes I do not really have time to talk so I need to end the conversation somehow. I did not know how to do that but recently I have bought this cool gadget that is called the X-cuse box.

This Box will create you any noise you need in order to end any phone talk. Even if the atmosphere in the room is quite and you are able to talk but you do not want to you can use this gadget.

All you need to do is get it out of your pocket and choose a background noise or a baby cry, anything you like and get rid of the annoying person.


Ventilation Part II

Garbage Tank Case

Over the time I saw all kind of computer cases, but in the last years some people decided to make their own custom cases.Some time ago I've posted on this blog an Ugly Case Mod, that is really ugly.Today I have something very creative - Garbage Tank Case.Take a look.If you have a strange, cool, or unusual case just give me an email ( you can find it at the bottom of this page ) and if is cool enough I'll publish your case.