Aug 29, 2006

Adidas Guerilla Marketing

The concept store is called Adidas Originals. The over crowded Leidse Square in Amsterdam is home to numerous sports bars and tourist traps, ide al for a public stage of ‘guerilla marketing.’ I'm sure this campaign was succesfoul because those big boxes atract a lot of people and I'm sure they made a lot of pictures.

The Coughing Ashtray

I this does not help you stop smoking - I don't know.

"This ashtray is designed to look like a real pair of lungs. As you place your cigarette on the trough, it starts coughing and screaming as if a real cigarette is being lighted up inside real lungs!

Great novelty gift item for the ardent smoker or for someone who needs help with give up smoking."


Take the head off and stick it in

Isadore is my favorite....

We, Mimobots, have traveled a long time across multiple parallel systems to reach earth. we come from our beloved planet blõôh located in galaxy 4210 where we have been living harmoniously since the time of no age.

We are peaceful and joyful creatures essentially made of electronic silicon providing us with an extraordinary ability in memory. Humans can adopt and use flashported Mimobot clones to save and carry their personal electronic data as with any USB flash drive. Yet, these Mimobot clones simultaneously retransmit their memory to RALF computer on planet blõôh who will directly regurgitate the upload into the digitized brain of an ill mimobot. eventually our friend in treatment will receive a full transfusion of concentrated fresh memory and will be freed from their mental confines to live their insouciant life again!

Please take part in this incomparable adventure of human/mimobot symbiosis. Four different races of Mimobots are available... But please hurry. A limited edition of each race has landed on earth for your storage pleasure.

  • Limited Edition of 500 Units each of Isadore and Fairybit, 250 each of Protobot0 and Protobot1
  • 512MB Storage
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux os
  • High Speed USB 2.0 transfer rate, USB 1.1 Backwards Compatible
  • Data Activity Tail Lights When Data is Transfered
  • 2.375" x 1.125" x .5"
  • One Year Manufacturer Warrant


Turn Project Buildings into art!


If the would have know that in the 70ies, they could have built the building like that right away.

World-renowned artists are invited to transform Halle-Neustadt into the largest sculptural symphony in the world. The population of Halle-Neustadt is invited to participate in the process of urban transformation. As each vacated building is subsequently recycled and transformed into a sculpture, abandonment and demolition is no longer viewed as a negative process but becomes a celebration for cultural creation, urban revitalization, and identity building.


The one million $$$ cell phone


How to explain your wife when you lost your cell phone again, when you own this sweet phone? I am not sure...

You can count 120 diamonds.

Goldvish's "Le Million de la Nuit"

Red One - a digital video beast

RED camera system

The Red One ain’t your ordinary camcorder. It’s a $17 500 beast that deliver 11.4Mpixel video at a rate of 60 frames per second - way above high definition which means that this can be a ‘cheap’ replacement for formats such as Super 35 mm.

I think that the designer has seen too many science fiction movies though - does it have to look like a prop from Matrix?

RED camera system []

Tempodrom Berlin

This must be the oddest looking building in Berlin.

AK Rocker 200

AK Rocker 200
On the manufacturers site The AK Rocker 200 is described as ‘the ultimate media chair‘. I can’t really see what makes it ‘the ultimate one’. As far as I can tell it looks just like a plastic, modern rock chair - what do you think?

AK Rocker 200 []

The Ladies will love RFID Tags

Never forget a thing, before leaving the house.

A team of six women researchers at Canada's Simon Fraser University have invented a purse called the Ladybag that doesn't let you forget your keys, cell phone, wallet or husband. RFID tags are inserted into your "stuff," and a reader at the bottom of the purse makes sure they're all there before you leave the house. If something is missing, a pattern associated with that item LIGHTS UP on the outside of the bag.


Bullfighting A Dangerous Sport

Bullfighting A Dangerous Sport

Bulls and the people.

Bullfighting A Dangerous Sport

Bambi in a bottle - Twist off

I wish Disney would have been this cruel and let Bambi end like this...

From the auction:

Bambi In A Bottle A Preserved Deer Fawn REAL

Bambi in a bottle is a preserved deer fawn in a one gallon jar. This fawn is the real deal. If you didn't get your deer this hunting season, don't worry, bring yours home in a bottle. "Bambi In A Bottle" for the unlucky hunter or discriminating collector. Not for human consuption. <--- LOL!