Oct 4, 2006

More public toilets in NYC!

Excellent guerilla marketing campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi New York to highlight the public restroom shortage in New York. Cardboard people were placed around certain locations to get people's attention to the problem.


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You'll never get to work on time

A clever guy hack the road board to display this funny message...

Fat missing

From Australia an original and ironic campaign to promote milk's benefits. By Marketforce, West Perth.


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Ready to party

I Know H.T.M.L.

The Glamour Stiletto Run

From the lovely Amsterdam a crazy idea by Bsur Concepting for Glamour: the Stiletto Run. On March 9th women will be challenged to race 75 meters in high heels, and the winner will be awarded with 10,000 euros. The event is currently being promoted with Tv, print and online ads, even if buzz will definitely make the difference to spread the word.

In the image below, on the right side you see the heels you are allowed to use, while on the left you see what you cannot wear.


The event will take place in an A'dam shopping district, which is still not known. I'd love to see the race taking place on the Leidestraat... think how difficult (and funny) it will be running in heels avoiding trams and tourists :-))

Welcome to Russia

Real men

Your deams girls

we are not afraid

we are not afraid extreme sport

we are not afraid extreme sport
we are not afraid extreme sport
we are not afraid extreme sport
we are not afraid extreme sport

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