Oct 2, 2006

Moscow girl - No comment

Moscow girl

Collection tattoo

Do you like artistic tattoo? If your answer is "yes" then take a look at those amazing photos

Dog Masquerade (II)

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real sexy cool girls

George Bush, Sadam Hussein and Photoshop

I receive this photos on email and looks fun to me. Please don’t start here a Bush vs Sadam war!

Good morning

funny pics

funny pics
funny pics
funny pics
funny pics

Women and cars

Men's toilet guerilla marketing

Leif (thanks!) just sent me this guerrilla marketing campaign for Bild, a popular newspaper in Germany. During the German Art Directors Club awards show in Berlin last week, Jung von Matt Hamburg "decorated" the men's toilets with a special mirror. While performing their physiological duties men could actually look at their best friend with a slogan below "Nothing's harder than the truth".