Aug 24, 2006

May the light be with you - LED Lantern


Wow, technology keeps shrinking stuff ... oh boy!

Tiny itty bitty powerful lantern


If you brought a regular size lantern with you in one of those high-tech research submarines and then put it outside at 2 miles deep it would probably end up looking something like what we have here. This miniature LED lantern stands just over 2" tall and fits perfectly on a keychain. It's an ideal companion whether you are trekking across an open field on a moonless night or just trying to locate some spare quarters in the backseat of your car. A simple twist of the base illuminates a bright white LED bulb and another twist puts the lantern into it's flashing mode. The high quality Nichia LED should never need to be replaced and the batteries will run 25 hours (or 50 hours in flashing mode).


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