Aug 23, 2006

One room self contained mini hotel - Everland in Leipzig


AWESOME - Who spends me a night there? Anyone Please - This would be the perfect location for one of my actor photo shootings! Any Sponsors? In house cable, wi-fi, deluxe bathroom, lavish breakfasts and even a mini cooper on loan with parking.

A one-room hotel with a concierge? At an art institution?

Breakfast in your room? Towels that are supposed to be stolen by the guests?

A fully stocked mini-bar that is included in the price and just waiting to be emptied?

At the end of May 2006 the Hotel Everland will be set up on the roof of the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst for one year. The first guests can move in starting on June 2. The location on top of the villa guarantees a spectacular view of the park and the surrounding houses in the music district. However, it isn't just the location of the hotel and the art institution (which for its part, enjoys a unique status in Germany’s eastern states) that are remarkable, but the hotel itself and its services.

The one-room hotel boasts a lounge with an enormous picture window, a double bed and a luxurious bathroom. Hotel Everland stands for the desire for something extraordinary, for a place that is removed from connections to the daily routine. The interior and the exterior of the hotel are clearly custom-made. In this way, the unique object fulfils on the one hand all the benchmarks for a piece of art, including the longing to step outside of the daily routine. On the other hand, this experience must be paid for. Art is no longer an ideal/idealised sphere; it is part of the logic of economic utilisation. Contrary to this logic, irritations have also been incorporated, because economic utilisation also carries irrational aspects with it. A one-room hotel doesn’t make financial sense: the operating costs and the revenues are blatantly disproportionate. Furthermore, the wish for exclusivity is in direct contradiction to the possibility that large groups will visit the hotel during the opening hours of the GfZK. This will virtually place the desire for exclusivity on display.

Hotel Everland was created by the Swiss artist duo Sabina Lang & Daniel Baumann as an art project for the Swiss Expo.02. In 2002, the hotel enjoyed a torrent of interest in Yverdon on Lake Neuchâtel. After Leipzig, the Everland will move on and be reconstructed in Paris.


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