Aug 28, 2006

Playing with Balls may result in fresh ice cream


I like one of the comments on Slashfood.... "Making your own ice cream is rather labor intensive for the results that you get, so putting it in the form of a ball that you can "play" with does have some appeal. But, really, wouldn't it just be so much easier to run out to the store for a pint of Ben & Jerry's?"

Dip into a sweet, cold bowl of homemade ice cream after a long day of hiking or on a hot day at the beach. Fill the bottom of this durable, lightweight Lexan® plastic ball with ice and rock salt, add ice cream ingredients to the top and just shake, pass or roll the ball around your campsite. In 20 minutes, scoop out about a pint of ice cream. Recipes included. Imported. Parental supervision required.


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