Aug 22, 2006

The RGS Quiz is back

This Quiz is Sponsored by Criticker, MrDealio & Lastminute Auction:

I know it has been a while - But RGS is back with a new quiz. If you are the chosen one, you will be rich .. *cough* $15 bucks richer ;)

Post a comment with at least your url or Email and tell me what that could be. And if you have no glue, ask your workmates, granny, ..... and split the $15 ;)

You have time until 08/19/2006 to guess it. I will announce the one lucky winner with the right answer the next day. In case nobody guesses it ... I keep the dough.

If you wanna be on the mailing list just for those quizes (because you love them so much and don't wanna miss even one) hit this :


You need to have a paypal or Neteller account in order to take part in this quiz. Good luck and happy guessing.

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