Aug 23, 2006

Stick a Nano up a cat

I am also using this post to let you know that I made ... I am 30! More about my BD and the voting on my BD Donation Present tomorrow.

Back to the iKitties:

Meet iKitty- the cutest toy and case for you and your iPod nano. iKitty is fun and functional - offering great rubberized protection, bendable kitty tail, and screen protection for your iPod nano.

You have full access to all buttons and controls while in the iKitty case. There are cutouts for the hold switch, headphone jack, port plug, scroll wheel and screen. iKitty is made of Silicone.

The screen protector is hard ABS plastic with a soft rubber edge to further protect the screen. Available in white (good kitty!) and black (bad kitty!).


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