Oct 27, 2006

CAPSoff - remove Caps lock


CAPSoff is a campaign from a guy called Pieter Hintjens. His goal with the campaign is to get rid of the Caps lock key on all keyboards.

“I’ve launched a campaign to rid the world of the caps lock key. Sure, there are more serious problems to solve but please, think of the children! How am I going to explain to my kids why some of the most valuable keyboard real estate is squatted by a large, useless key that above all you must not press! Our campaign mission is simple: to send a message to the computer industry to force it (by any means necessary) to retire the CAPS key. It’s going to be a hard, long, and possibly very embarassing war on uppercase, but some things just need to be done.”

CAPSoff [capsoff.blogspot.com]

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