Oct 31, 2006

Move Me Booth - Why?

Why not the brain?

Apparently, those booth are touring the UK right now.

Move-me.com is a unique opportunity for anyone to experience being a performer working with some of the world's most exciting dance-makers and to have their work seen on the world wide web.
The beauty of move-me.com is that, it provides a standard format – think passport photo. Into this, each individual user can pour their imagination, creativity, wit, skill and favourite dance moves.
The specially constructed move-me.com booth will be placed various public spaces - theatre foyers, galleries, at universities or colleges – and is free for anyone to use.
Inside the booth, the user selects their choice of choreographer and then, guided by instructions, creates a unique and instant dance that is captured on video within the confines of the booth. On leaving the booth, the user will pick up a printed time and dated ticket, with details of the move-me.com website address and an I.D number, allowing them to find their own video dance works. They will also be able to add personal details to be read alongside their recorded video dance.

Move-me invites you to come in and be inspired! We want you to enter into this in a spirit of creative partnership with the choreographers and the camera. All that matters is what is recorded by the camera. Make it a performance. Surprise, delight and intrigue us. Thank you for taking part.


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