Nov 20, 2006

AMOLED display panel by Samsung

Samsung is a big and well-known company and they create a lot of different gadgets. One of the latest displays ones is a really sophisticated one. It has been created by Samsung for use in mobile phones technology.

This gadget measures about 3-4" and it is not big but it will fit a usual cell phone. This display will be perfect for a cell phone and there are several reasons for that:
- AMOLED display panel is very thin. So the cell phone producers will be able to fit more devices into their cell phones.
- AMOLED display gadget work over 3D image faster and better then a usual LCD display that we are used to. So you will get no shaking or picture stops. That would be very useful when you take videos with you camera.
- The thing that I like the most is that it provides a very high resolution. It provides the highest resolution in the world at the moment.
- You will not need any backlight anymore because this display is so much better then usual LCD matrix ones.

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