Nov 17, 2006

Cookie holding Mug

I love drinking tea with cookies and other tasty things and doing that in front of TV is even better. There is a problem about that too: see I have to take cookies in my hand and a lot of crumbs fall on the ground so I have to clean it up after myself.

There is a gadget that helps me do that with no problem. How? It is an unusual mug that has a special compartment for cookies. It is a very neat way to keep your sweets when you drink coffer or tea. You do not have to hold them in your hand you just need to place them there.

People who like dunking cookies into coffee or tea can take several cookies and a cup of coffee in one hand and the other one will be free.

I love this mug because I can read a newspaper, sit on the sofa and drink coffee with cookies at the same time. Isn't that awesome?

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