Nov 21, 2006

Flying alarm clock

Waking up in the moment is the biggest problem of everybody. It is very difficult for me to wake up in the morning and go to work. Waking up early is the most evil thing that can happen to me.

As a result of all that people do not wake up and they buy a lot of different gadget to help them wake up. However not all of them are effective and here is one that is the best I think.

This is the flying alarm clock. First it functions just like a regular one. It starts buzzing for some time. You can turn it off when you wake up. However there is not much time to do that.

The second phase it does a really cool thing that will surely wake you up. There is a detachable thing on its top that can fly like a helicopter. What it does is that it detaches from the base and starts flying around. While flying around it makes those buzzing noises and frustrates the owner.

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