Nov 14, 2006

Golf Ball remote control

Who said that golf is no fun? It is supposedly a game for old and middle aged people who want to rest and walk. Golf was never a game for a young man because it was not really fun. And do you know why?

It is because there where now remote controlled golf balls invented earlier. There is a gadget that will help you make a game of golf more fun and amusing.

Very often you loose when playing on the green and making a put because of several or even less inches. Now you can avoid this problem with a new remote control gadget for your golf ball. You can make the ball roll a few more feet with this remote and you can make it turn a little and do anything you want to it.

Of course, you will not be able to turn it around and make it roll the opposite way but it will still be cool if you help it roll into the hole. We think that golf has to be connected to pleasure and good mood. To get a good mood you need to get the ball into the hole.

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