Nov 8, 2006

Halloween costumes for animals

I know that Halloween was yesterday, and I'm a little late with this topic, but ... this is a good idea for the next year.So what I'm talking about here ? With a little imagination, just about anyone can create Halloween costumes for people, but what about your dog ? Did you thought that maybe he want to be in a costume like everybody ? For those who care of their dog feelings I comed up with few ideas for you dog Halloween.So take a look at this pictures and make people happy to see your dog, and also make him happy.Aren't they cute ?

Back in history, a knight and his DOG.

Today I'm gonna fly ...

I just a sweet bug ...

Today I'm gonna jump like a little frog.


Please surrender NOW.

I'm gonna eat you ...runnn.

Viva Star Wars.

Hello !!!

Yes it's me SuperDog !

Bananas Partyyyyy !!!


Rambo brother.


Janie said...

so cute :)

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