Nov 9, 2006

Wireless monitor

There are many wireless accessories to you computer now. Things like wireless mice, wireless keyboards, wireless speakers etc. You can control you computer from another room or from a large distance. The problem with that is that it is hard to see the display from far away this is why Teq Gear Company has created this wonderful gadget.

This gadget will make your monitor wireless and you will be able to sit several feet away from you computer on your bed and play your favorite game or send an e-mail to your friend. I think that this is awesome because I do not like sitting on those uncomfortable chairs.

The WID 101 is not actually a wireless monitor. It is a gadget that connects your computer video out with your monitor wirelessly. So you can connect your old monitor to the computer wirelessly with no problem. The other thing is that you have to plug the monitor into the electricity outlet.

How does it work? It is very simple. In order to connect your computer with your monitor it uses the wireless network. It can use either 802. 11 a, 802. 11 g, or 802. 11 b. So it will have no problem connecting to your computer.

What I like is that you will actually see no difference using this gadget as opposed to a normal wired way. The latency is not very big and a human eye does not notice it. Besides, you can lie in your bed leaving the computer in the office room.

This gadget supports resolution up to 1366 x 768 pixels which is really cool. It will also fit any 17" monitor. It is not advised to use it with other sizes monitors. I have set it to 1024 x 768 and it works just fine.

The good thing about this gadget is that the range of the 802. 11 wireless networks are very large and it can cover the entire house. The only problem that appears is finding a keyboard and a mouse that supports such a range.

The bad thing about this gadget is its price. It will cost you almost $ 1000. Recently I have bought a laptop for a $ 1200 so just compare the prices. However having such a high tech gadget will make you really cool.

If you do not know where to waste some money then you can buy this WID 101. My friend bought one and he says that it works just fine. Besides, if you do not have TV sets in every room you can replace them by installing the monitors there. The video card can support more then one monitor and you can watch TV from your computer.

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