Dec 1, 2006

CD Destroyer

Finally, one of the most useless gadgets has hit the market. This is the one and only SCR – CD0001 CD destroyer. This gadget has been created by Elecom Company and the do really know what people need.

Very many people, including me, like to keep their important files and other backup data on the CD's or DVD's. However the data can be stolen and sometimes you need to get rid of those CD's. There are several solutions and one of them is to brake the disc itself however it would be rude and not very accurate.

What this gadget does it scratches the disc really bad and the disc becomes really unreadable. You could of course use some other technique but this device would do that for you in something like 5 seconds, amazing huh? So this is something you could buy to destroy your CD's in a fancy way.

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