Mar 1, 1998

Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words
What does this button do?

* It's probably just a rash.

* Are you sure the power is off?

* The odds of that happening have to be a million to one!

* Which wire was I supposed to cut?

* I wonder where the mother bear is.

* I've seen this done on TV.

* These are the good kind of mushrooms.

* It's strong enough for both of us.

* This doesn't taste right.

* I can do that with my eyes closed.

* I've done this before.

* Well, we've made it this far.

* That's odd.

* You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses on, would you?

* Don't be so superstitious.

* Now watch this.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that picture at the top reli ain funny, itis bloody creepy