May 1, 1998

Mystery shoe saga stumps couple

Mystery shoe saga stumps couplePairs of shoes are being left in mysterious circumstances outside a remote farmhouse in Lincolnshire.
Jason and Claire Foster, who live near Market Rasen, do not know who is doing it or why they have left as many as four pairs of shoes at one time.
The family have video footage, which shows an elderly couple driving by in a green vehicle depositing the shoes.
Mrs Foster said that although it was scary at first, she was rather hoping some of the pairs might fit.

Fly tipping

Some of the shoes are cheap, with price labels of £1.99 attached and some are more expensive designer brands.
They have been left on a regular basis since December, often on a Sunday.
Mrs Foster added: "The biggest question is why? We would love to know why."
East Lindsey District Council are investigating the incident as a case of fly tipping.
"Sometimes it's odd ones, sometimes it's a couple of pairs. But they're of all shapes and sizes. There has even been pairs of roller blades," a council environment official said.
"There must have been more than 30 pairs so far - it's been going on for months."
He said the maximum penalty for a first offence of fly-tipping was £20,000, but it depended on its severity.

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