May 1, 1998

You can now marry your mother-in-law

You can now marry your mother-in-law, if you are a Scottish male under an amendment to the legal system in Scotland.

The law though is not partial and allows women to marry their fathers-in-law, reports the Herald.

This new change in the family law is contrary to the old rule dating back to 1567, that was based on the Old Testament, and said, if a man takes a wife and lies with her mother, all three should be burnt to death. Earlier, marrying a parent-in-law was only allowed after the death of both former spouses.

The Scots Law Commission recommended the change saying that the old law made no sense and was unreasonable.

The new system also draws a clear distinction between the continuing ban on marrying a blood relative, and the centuries-old ban on marrying those related "by affinity".

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