Mar 1, 1999

Ice Chewers

wow! a website dedicated this compulsive behavior that seems so strange in the context of things to become addicted too. Well it's true. I am addicted to the stuff. I have been chewing ice for over 15 years and i don't know why. crushed, cubed, bagged, shaved, dispensed from a machine, falling straight from the sky, I LOVE IT ALL!!! Guilty as charged i'm obsessed with ice.

my favorite thing in the world to do is eat a tray or 2 of ice in bed while i read a good book then turn the blow dryer on myself while the cold sets in. That 2 me is what heaven on earth is all about!!!!!!

anyone out there got a similar wacky ice / blowdryer thing out there. or am i the only one who has discovered this crazy ice warm down thing???
A forum for people who like chewing ice.

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1 comment:

quintal said...

If you crave this...
What you really need is...
And here are healthy foods that have it:

Chewing ice
Meat, fish, poultry, seaweed, greens, black cherries

I'd add that more than eating more iron-charged food, it's advisable to learn what drains the body of its iron and to lower its intake.
Lacks are mostly caused by digestion of other stuff that drains the body's reserves.
"Substract rather than add" said Hippocrat.