Sep 1, 1999

Self-lighting cigarette

Self-lighting cigaretteSmokers, breathe easy (if you still can) — technology has finally solved the pressing problem of not being able to light up on a windy day. Israeli company Gashbam Enterprises has invented a self-lighting cigarette — which also solves the problem of forgetting your lighter or using the last match. The sulphur and phosphorous-anointed tip turns the cigarette into a device operated just like a match, so you can strike it against a rough surface on the side of the pack to get it lit. To prevent breakage, the cigs are reinforced with bamboo and tobacoo leaf slivers. There ya go, smokers — cancer risk remains, but at least no more will you be at risk of singeing your eyebrows while trying to light up in a wind tunnel. Self-lighting cigarette

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