Nov 1, 1999

Not your everyday 'Skunk bites man' story

Skunk bites man

Every time Carol Infalt's phone rings, she's not sure if it's going to be condolences for her deceased skunk or a joke about her husband's formerly private parts.

She's been getting a lot of both since Ozzie the pet skunk paid the ultimate price for biting Dan Infalt's penis.

I think it's a Freudian typo, but in an e-mail to my newspaper Carol said, "This is when the hole disaster starts."

While the embarrassing news crackled over the emergency scanner, Dan was rushed to Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital last week.

At that same moment, Department of Natural Resources warden David Walz was heading for the Infalts' Jefferson County home to take Ozzie into custody. The animal quickly was euthanized so it could be tested for rabies, which has stirred up the skunk-loving community.

At least he doesn't have rabies.

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