Nov 1, 2000

SiteShuffle: dead simple way to keep track of your favorite pages

SiteShuffle is a just-launched, bone-simple way of keeping on top of your favorite sites aimed at novice and casual Internet users. The UI is a set of arrows at the top of a browser window that you click to scroll through a list of your favorite "homepages" -- click on one to load it in your browser. A simple, stripped-down recommendation system recommends other sites you might add to your rotation based on your similarities with other users. SiteShuffle is a project from some old, good friends of mine, two of whom -- John Henson and Grad Conn -- were my business partners back in the days of OpenCola, a P2P software company we founded together. SiteShuffle is their latest effort, and it captures a super-simple, do-one-thing-well aesthetic that I love -- it takes about ten seconds to grok and thirty seconds to master. SiteShuffle

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