Mar 1, 2001

Chocolate cast from real human skull

ChocolateSkull Marina Malvada has created her deadly delicious Chocolate Skulls for All Hallows Eve, All Saint's Day, Day of the Dead, and any other occasion for honouring the departed. These "life sized" and realistic confections, cast from an actual human skull, are worthy competition to any Jack-O-Lantern. Composed of the highest quality mixture of white and milk chocolates, Marina's Chocolate Skulls are a sensual way to celebrate the 'deep dark sleep that comforts all but the living'.

The inspiration to cast skulls in chocolate came about when Ms. Malvada made a silicon mould of a skull to cast in plaster. She discovered food grade silicon and immediately thought how wonderful it would be to have delicious, realistic chocolate skulls! Adding just a little milk chocolate to the Belgian white, she perfected the tone and flavour, appropriately naming the new blend, "Bone Chocolate".

That was the easy part of the project. The trials of casting in food grade silicon quickly became apparent. It is very fragile, and this may be the reason we do not see many such complex and fine detailed casts as these. Nevertheless, Ms. Malvada was able to get a couple of good casts in time for the Royal Sarcophagus Societie's "Carnival of Curiosities Her determination to successfully reproduce the look of a genuine human skull in a such a confecious medium certainly paid off, as you can see in the photos. As one enthusiastic connoisseur expressed it, "You've combined my two favourite fetishes: Skulls and Chocolate!"

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