May 1, 2001

How to Dispose of a Goldfish That Has Died

When your beloved pet goldfish turns "belly-up" take these precautions as you escort him to the great beyond.

1. Use a mesh net to remove the dead goldfish from its tank.

2. Place the goldfish in a small box and bury it outdoors if you prefer. Be sure to make a deep hole so neighborhood pets won't get curious and start digging.

3. Place your goldfish on a saucer or wrap it up in tissue if you'd like to dispose of it the other way.

4. Go into the bathroom.

5. Slide the dead fish off the saucer into the toilet bowl, or throw the tissue-wrapped fish in the toilet.

6. Say a few words of respect to the dearly departed, if you wish.

7. Flush.

8. Wash your hands and the saucer (if you used one) thoroughly with soap and hot water.

9. Consider changing the tank water and cleaning the net and tank thoroughly if you have other fish or want to get a new one, in case your pet died of disease.

10. Ask your local pet store what type of fish tank cleaning product is appropriate for the net and tank, and clean the tank thoroughly.

Soap and cleaning detergents are hazardous to fish. Avoid using these products unless you're dying to officiate another fish funeral.
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