Nov 1, 2001

Grow your own beer.

beer garden
You don't need to have a full beer garden. As you can see here , beer can also be planted in an ordinary vegetable garden.

IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD--Everyone loves the taste of fresh beer. But we don't all have the time, the space, or the know-how to grow our own alcoholic beverages. And with liquor outlets on practically every street corner, it's always been easier to pick-up a six-pack of Molson Canadian from your neighbourhood cold beer and wine store than to make that effort to plant your own. People will generally buy bottled beer out of convenience, but there is nothing quite as satisfying as the sweet nectar grown from your very own beer garden. And you should know that starting your own beer garden is as easy as a trip to the liquor store.
Grow your own beer.

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