Nov 1, 2001

Surveillance Chips In Product Packaging?

The world's stupidest anti-shoplifting campaign Surveillance Chips In Product Packaging?
It seems Gillette have been doing it for a couple of years.

Gillette has been caught hiding tiny RFID surveillance chips in the packaging of its shaving products. These tiny, high tech spy tags are being used to trigger photo taking of unsuspecting customers!

The tracking system uses sensors hidden under Gillette shelves to detect when products are picked up.
Whenever a shopper picks up a packet of razor blades from a spy shelf, SNAP! A hidden camera secretly takes a closeup photo of the shopper's face. (And a second photo is snapped at the cash register to make sure the product is paid for!)

Gillette's spy shelves have been uncovered in England and we suspect they have been tested at various locations around the United States and other countries.

The Gillette spy shelf and the associated hidden camera application were developed at the MIT Auto-ID Center, during the time that Gillette VP Dick Cantwell was the head of the Center's Board of Overseeers. This industry consortium has produced documents, pictures, and video promoting the use of Gillette "smart shelves" to take secret photos of unsuspecting customers.

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