Jul 1, 2002

Healthy Smoking - Improve Your Health While You Smoke

Healthy Smoking Book Physicians and scientists around the world even go as far as to state that smoking leads to premature death. But does it really? Don’t we all know someone who smokes constantly, even heavily, yet is still living — or has lived — to the mature age of eighty, ninety, and older?

If you know of a smoker who is now deceased, isn’t it possible that they passed-on from basic old age and not from the act of smoking cigarettes?

Furthermore, the MDs and PhDs state that smoking causes cancer and emphysema. If this diagnosis were definitive, wouldn’t these afflictions affect all smokers equally, rather than the small percentage that it actually does affect?

Consider, alternately, that these physicians and scientists are correct to any degree. Wouldn’t it make sense to take precautionary measures to decrease your risks of diminished health? Certainly.Improve Your Health While You Smoke

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