Jul 1, 2002

Make your own tunes!

Make your own tunes

A party isn't complete without music and what better way to create music than with our own instruments! Then we can create our own down-home rhythm and harmony.

Here are four easy-to-create rhythm instruments:

1. Line up jars with a different amount of water in each. Strike the jars with a pen or pencil and you'll have your own musical tones.

2. Hold the handles of two spoons in one hand with the curved bowls together. Then slap the spoons together against your thighs.

3. Fill pop bottles with varying amounts of water. Blow across the tops of the bottles to make musical sounds.

4. Make a shaker by putting bottle caps or rice into a small can or plastic container.

Can you think of any other ways to make instruments of your own? Bring them to the party and we'll be well on our way to creating our own musical band.

If the above dosent work try this, it's funny

Dub City Rockers.

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