Sep 1, 2002

Racetrack Fish Bowl

Designed by Isabelle Leijn
Made in the NetherlandsRacetrack Fish BowlThe Racetrack Fish Bowl is the perfect solution if your fish suffers from claustrophobia, or if you're simply looking for a tabletop conversation piece for your home or office. The Racetrack Fish Bowl is designed to give small fish, which are said to have a memory of 7 seconds, the sensation of long distance swimming. Instead of swimming side to side in a regular bowl, small fish can crisscross for miles through this unusual infinity-shaped bowl. Except perhaps for an occasional lapse of deja vu, every lap will seem like a new experience for your finned-friends.

This unique fish bowl has two integrated vases, which can be used as planters or storage for miscellaneous items. If you are using your Racetrack Fish Bowl in your home, consider using the vases to grow wheat grass or filling them with fresh flowers. For an office setting, they would make an interesting place to store pens, pencils, paper clips, or maybe even candy. Or, if you are a pragmatist, the vases make a convenient place to store fish food and fish accessories.

Stop your goldfish getting bored.

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