Mar 1, 2003

Lorelei Hunt

 Lorelei HuntLorelei Hunt has been helping people communicate with their animals since 1996. Using telepathy, she conveys what an animal is thinking and feeling as well as answers to any questions that their humans ask them. Lorelei's experiences range from domestic dogs and cats to wild animals in captivity and wildlife refuges. Through lectures, workshops and practice groups, she is committed to teaching people how to use their natural telepathic abilities to speak with the animals.

Lorelei has completed advanced studies under Anita Curtis and Penelope Smith, who is a pioneer in the field of Interspecies Telepathic Communication. As an ordained minister, Lorelei can offer spiritual counseling for you and your pet.

Lorelei lives in New Castle, Delaware with canine friends Kelsey and Libby, and
with felines General, Dazzle, and Simon.

She communicates telepathically with animals.

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