Sep 1, 2003

Build your own Gas Mask from computer parts

Real action 2.
Can't you buy expensive gas masks? Do you need one? are you a computer geek?
If you answered yes to this three questions, then this is your page! We're gone to build our gak mask from computer parts at cost almost 0.
The main idea is to protect you agains hazardous elements that could invade the air in your home or country. If you fear anthrax, variola, ebola, alien viruses from outer space you must build it to feel safe. If nuclear war doesn't come you can always use it on the disco when it's full of smoke.
Evil could be everywere and you must be prepared! Don't waste your money on beautilful masks than won't protect you. SorgoMask (TM) will protect you even underwater. Don't wait and don't forget to build one for everyone in your family. It's also the perfect gift for christmas time.
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