Sep 1, 2003

Subdermal implants: body-mods that give you cool lumps

Subdermal implants: body-mods that give you cool lumpsQuinn Norton profiles the body-modification practice of subdermal implants, through which substances like molded silicone are slid beneath the skin to produce raised, shaped lumps. BMEZine's Shannon Larratt -- whose site and work often appear here -- is featured in the story, which covers the connection with this work and implanted RFIDs, and why the plastic surgery establishment won't touch it.
The process creates a raised area on the skin in a shape of the artist's choosing. The effect is dramatic: Implants can be most any form you can think of, from Star Trek ridges and small horns, to little stars and hearts sprayed across the chest. Many people with body modifications have combined their implants with tattoos to create often beautiful or terrible effects.
Subdermal implants

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