May 1, 2004

Butt Art

I don't think he uses a paintbrush. Butt Art

Comments from his blog:

Hey Dickhead!
Your art work is pathetic. I find it insulting that any idiot can
become a superstar by just showing their face on TV. I've spent
decades working in a medium that you simply smear on your ass. I
work two jobs. And your homoerotic crap sells before you've even
rinsed? How dare you call yourself an artist. If there's a trend at
all today, it is toward promoting any no talent hack void of a soul
and labeling them ARTIST.

I can't believe you're being chatted-up as a genius all over the
web. All you do is paint the same flower over and over in different
colored paint on different colored pieces of paper. Why are people
giving you money, credit,respect, etc. for this? I paint circles
around your ass. What do I get? Nothing.

I doubt you're as serious an ass painter as you let on. I'm
tired of gimmick being passed off as art. I do find it funny that
you use your genitalia for the pistol and stamen. Your work is
better than those menstrual painting atrocities and you've gotten
more publicity than I ever have. I just find it frustrating that
"Ass" "Penis" "Fecal Matter" etc... sells.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This has also already been done 50 years ago by a man named Yves Klein....... So not so original for real are you?