Mar 1, 2005

Caught on Tape: Puppy Stolen

Puppy Stolen
By Lindy Thackston
First Coast News

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- They are tiny, and worth big bucks.

"If they want it bad enough, they'll get it," said Marsha Kello, owner of Puppies Galore and More.

For the tenth time since Kello opened shop five years ago, a puppy was stolen during business hours.

He was being sold for $850.00.

"The poor little thing is so little that we didn't even notice," said Kello.

Kello didn't notice until the chihuahua's new owner came to pick him up Monday afternoon.

That's when Kello went to the surveillance tape.

After watching it over and over, frame by frame, she believes two women took the puppy by hiding it in one of their jackets.

The girls enter the store on the tape around 12:20 Monday afternoon, hang around the puppy's cage, and leave a few minutes later.

The puppy that was stolen is on a very strict diet to combat low blood sugar. He needs certain foods at certain times of the day to stay alive.

The puppy is a tan colored chihuahua with white markings. He is eight and a half weeks old and weighs one pound.

The store is offering a $200 reward.

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