May 6, 2006

Cow stuck upstairs?

You know how it is - you've led a cow up some stairs, forgetting the basic fact that cows can't walk down stairs! We've all done it - but what to do about it? There's a simple solution - call BOVINE DESCENDERS. With over fifteen years experience of getting cows downstairs, we can help you with practically any cow-stuck-upstairs scenario. We've worked with most of the big names in the cow/stairs industry, several famous rock bands, and hold exclusive cow-descending contracts with over half of England's local authorities.
So - as soon as you realise that you've done it again, and got a cow stuck upstairs - call BOVINE DESCENDERS on freephone 0800-COWSTAIRS, or fill in the contact form on this website. We'll get back to you straight away, and within hours, your stuck cow problems can be solved. Nationwide.
Please note - BOVINE DESCENDERS only work with cows stuck upstairs - we do not handle cows stuck in trees, cows in the road, or cows frightening children.

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