May 12, 2006

Deer on Power Pole

These pictures were taken in the Northeast section of the United States in an extremely rural area. As shown, there is a whitetail doe stuck on top of a power pole. She had apparently been up there for a moderate amount of time. I've heard broad speculation regarding the explanation for this, but no one is certain. If you notice the back hooves are clipped (almost uniformly).

There is a train track several yards away and there is a possibility that the deer was struck and tossed into the air, thus landing on the pole. However, the deer would have to have traveled in the air approximately 45 feet (across) to the pole and reach a height of approximately 22 feet (up) to reach the top of the pole. These pictures are somewhat reminiscent of the "Deer in the Tree" story that you guys recently highlighted in the Hot Stories section of the website.
(Linda Moulton Howe's report)

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