May 23, 2006

Dog Talk - the Radio Show!

Dog Talk - the Radio Show!
Welcome to a special preview of a radio show aimed specifically at intelligent dog-lovers – who want to be amused, surprised and inspired!

Does that sound like you?? It certainly sounds like the team at Modern Pooch! Especially the part about being dog lovers who are also very good looking.

The Radio Show is a bi-monthly podcast with new broadcasts on the 1st and 15th of every month. Broadcasting will begin June 1, 2006, but you can listen to a preview here - the opening music is pretty cute - it's like an old school broadcast where kids listened by the fire - and the talk is informative and entertaining.

The Radio Show will address subjects like these and many more:
What's the best food to feed your pooch or food that *won't* make your dog sick - the disturbing truth about the shocking ingredients used in most popular commercial dog foods, why is dog cancer up to 50% nowadays???, is crossbreeding for “poo” and “doodle” breeds just creating overpriced mutts with purebred problems or are they legitimate, desirable new breeds?, dog/child safety and dog bite prevention, the horrible truth about the “mills” where all pet store puppies come from, etc.

You can also ask questions to be answered on the show by the host Tracie Hotchner who wrote the "Dr. Spock for dogs" book so I'm guessing she knows a thing or two about dogs!
See you by the fire!

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