May 14, 2006

New leg for wounded Thai elephant

Motala wears her prosthetic limb at the elephant hospital in Lampang Province, Northern Thailand
A Thai elephant who lost a foot after stepping on a landmine six years ago has had a temporary limb fitted.
Motala, 44, is set to wear the sawdust filled canvas shoe for up to eight months to help her leg get strong enough for a more permanent prosthesis.
She made headlines in 1999 by stepping on a landmine during work at a logging camp near the Thai-Burmese border.
Vets managed to carry out delicate repairs on Motala's left foot, but the leg was left shorter than her others.
She has been cared for by the Friends of the Asian Elephant's hospital in Lampang province, some 600km (370 miles) north of Bangkok, ever since.
The prosthesis, which looks like a boxing bag and is filled with wood shavings, has been fitted daily for more than two weeks.

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