May 23, 2006

Police release photo showing teen impaled on fence

Police release photo showing teen impaled on fenceFOREST GROVE, Ore. - A photo released by police shows the predicament an 18-year-old got himself into when he tried to make a run for it and ended up impaled on a wrought iron fence.
The incident happened last Thursday when a teenager under arrest for assault tried to flee police as he was about to be transported in a patrol car.
The teenager, who has since been identified as Cody Carlson, bolted from the car and tried to vault the fence with his hands cuffed behind his back.
Firefighters ended up having to cut out a section of the fence in order to free him, sending both Carlson and the fence to the hospital.
Doctors were able to remove the fence from Carlson's body, who survived the incident and was later booked on charges of assault, violating a restraining order and escape.

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