May 23, 2006

Take a ride on the 'sex train'

Take a ride on the 'sex train'THERE'S nothing in the world like a ride on the sex train - at least according to the organisers of Sexpo, whose new R-rated take on the traditional fair ground ghost train gives riders a thrill of a different kind.
There's not a ghost or skeleton in sight as riders in mini carriages zip past computer-operated mannequins simulating sex scenes.
And then there's the reenactment of the infamous 1993 Bobbit attack, in which American woman Lorena Bobbitt cut off part of her husband John's penis.
Perth adults will be the first in the world to ride the sex train when it debuts in the West Australian city at the four day Club X Sexpo on Thursday.
Sexpo organiser David Ross says that as far as he knows, the two-minute ride, conceived over a long lunch, is unique.

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