Jun 3, 2006

5 Funny (But Real) Reasons To Get Travel Insurance

Funny Reason #1 - You Might Get Mugged By a Monkey

Probably the number one fear of Nigerians traveling abroad is that they're going to get mugged, and luckily travel insurance covers any related costs. In fact, travel insurance covers everything from replacing the cash in your wallet to any therapy required to recover from the shock of being mugged by a monkey. This can sure help you enjoy your trip more, knowing that you don't have to defend your traveler's checks with your life.

Funny Reason #2 - You Might Get Deathly Ill From Eating Shark Meat

Traveling abroad means that you will hopefully expand your palette to include some of the indigenous food of the area you are visiting. Unfortunately, this may also introduce you to a lot of bacteria and diseases that your body is unfamiliar with. While most of us can handle the obvious effects of food contamination, albeit uncomfortably, you might actually get seriously ill and require extensive medical attention or emergency travel.
Travel Insurance Covers Where Health Insurance Doesn't
Without travel insurance, all of the medical costs related to your trip to the hospital are likely on your shoulders since most health insurance plans don't cover visits outside of Nigeria. With travel insurance, you can have some peace of mind that should something terrible happen with your GI tract, at least you won't be draining your bank account, too.

Funny Reason #3 - You Might Lose Your Stuff While Balancing on the Great Wall

So you decide that it would just be the coolest photo to balance on the Great Wall of China and take a photo of yourself from above. I mean, what guts! So you get up on the wall, get ready to take the photo, and a gust of wind makes you lose your balance. Off comes the shopping bag you were using as a counterweight and down it goes, out of sight. In the case of quirky blunders like these, travel insurance will cover the costs to replace or repair the item.

Funny Reason #4 - Your Pet Rat Might Pass Away Unexpectedly

In the event of a family emergency, such as the unlikely passing away of your pet rat, travel insurance will pay any costs related to cutting your trip short. Without travel insurance, you would have to pay any of the extra costs required to make an emergency plane trip, as well as possibly return to the location to resume your traveling once the emergency was over.

Funny Reason #5 - You Might Accidentally Punch a Lawyer

For those traveling in with a temper and a daily quota for pints of beer and other intoxicating beverages, travel insurance can come in handy in the case of a lawsuit. While we would all hope that that kind of thing wouldn't happen, occasionally it will and the costs can be enormous, especially if you have to travel great distances to attend court.

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