Jun 3, 2006

Lloyd's of London insures chest hair

Lloyd's of London insures chest hair
London, England, Jun. 16 (UPI) -- Fire-eaters need not apply for Lloyd's of London's latest insurance, which provides men up to $1.8 million if they lose their chest hair in an accident.
The policy was drawn up at the request of an agent for an unidentified celebrity, Britain's Telegraph reported Wednesday.
To make a claim, the victim must have lost 85 percent of his chest hair. Loss caused by illness or just plain falling out is not covered.
Lloyd's Jonathon Thomas, who wrote the policy, admits it is the "oddest" currently being offered by the group, which is infamous for insuring Jennifer Lopez's bottom as well as Betty Grable's legs.
"It is for performers who require the impression of manliness," he said.
In addition to fire-eaters, the policy also excludes hair loss from nuclear contamination, terrorism, mass destruction, war, invasion revolution, skin-diving, horseback riding or hang-gliding.

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