Jan 9, 2007

VSN Exclusive…Britney and her underwear

spearsunndiesWe have gotten hold of portions of a text message exchange between Britney Spears and a close friend explaining why she has been caught sans undies, with her vagina flailing in the wind! We also have the image sent online to her friend.

“Ya, when I got home that night he (Kevin Federline) was burning all kinds of stuff in the fireplace”. “All my bras and underwear, he was shouting like a crazy person.” “He finally stopped when I grabbed a picture of him and Clinton and threatened to rip it”. “Here is the pair that made me laugh the hardest (see inset photo) ”. “He is such a loser, I am so glad to be rid of him.” “Victoria secret’s new line is out in a few days and I have an order in for the complete collection.” “Till then I guess I just go ‘au natural’.

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