Jul 1, 1999

Bird Brain

Cheep cheep

A performance artist is to live in a nest on the side of a Birmingham landmark for seven days.
Benjamin Verdonck, from Belgium, will live in the specially constructed nest halfway up the Rotunda from Saturday as part of the city's Fierce! art event.
"It's the tragic story of a man who comes, sees and in a final attempt to embrace his audience eventually falls," Mr Verdonck said.
Organisers say he has access to basic amenities his nest is well feathered.
'Talking point'
Mark Ball, from Fierce! told BBC News he was keen for people to enjoy art to not just see it in theatres and galleries.
"I first saw this project in Belgium last year and it was such a fantastic project it became a talking point of the whole city - I just had to bring it to Birmingham, " he said.
"He plays a man who tries to take flight and he will be doing different things each day - sitting on the nest and a golden egg will appear.
"What he is interested in and what Fierce! is interested in is making art fun and accessible and taking it out of the theatres and galleries."
Cranes helped move the nest into place on Friday morning.
Mr Verdonck, an actor and graduate, has previously performed various pieces in public spaces and he describes his work as "poor white trash entertainment".

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